Creepy Facts About Animals That Will Keep You Up At Night

May 2024 ยท 1 minute read

Imagine Bambi prancing around merrily in the forest, frolicking with his animal buddies. Suddenly, they hear the adorable white-tailed deer's stomach grumble, causing all of them to stop and giggle. Aware of his own hunger, Bambi turns to one of the little birds hopping in the grass around him... and nabs it with his jaws in one swift motion. Humor quickly turns into horror as Bambi proceeds to eat his friend, and the rest of the forest crew start running for their lives. While Disney likely wouldn't greenlight such a movie, the scenario isn't actually that farfetched.

National Geographic lists alfalfa, fruits, nuts, twigs, and fungi as part of the typical white-tailed deer diet. However, such a limited menu can lead to nutrient deficiencies, including lack of calcium, phosphorus, and sodium, particularly during the winter. Thus, experts have observed these hoofed mammals occasionally addressing their nutritional gaps by eating birds, fish, and even the corpses of rodents and rabbits (via the Independent).

That might not be so surprising, but deers have even been spotted chewing on human remains. In 2015, researchers witnessed a deer stumbling upon a decomposing body that had been left in the open for about half a year. The scavenging ruminant was photographed snacking on the corpse.